About Emma-Kate Schaake

Emma-Kate Schaake is in her fifth year of teaching high school English in Washington. She is passionate about educational equity in curriculum design, classroom practices, teacher leadership, professional development, and student voice. She writes about her ongoing journey to unlearn myopic history, self reflect, and think critically about her role as an educator. She can be found on Instagram @mschaake

Dr. Gholnescar “Gholdy” Muhammad: Cultivating Literacy, Culture, & Genius

“There have been too many data meetings, curriculum meetings, or problem-solving meetings without students’ voices at the table.”

Dr.Gholdy Muhammad is an associate professor of Language and Literacy at Georgia State University and she serves as director of the Urban Literacy Collaborative and Clinic. Her scholarship focuses on literacy, language, culture, and African American literacy development. 

Her book Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy strives to interrupt ineffective systems and teaching practices. This research looks back to highly collaborative Black literary societies of the 19th century. She asks us to question how, why, and what we teach, with student literacy at the center. 

As Secretary of Education, we’d love to see her overhaul the traditional curriculum that serves textbook companies more than students. We can see her critical literacy research influencing all disciplines like a new common core.

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