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By: Mallory Flynn

Veteran teachers can easily relate when I say that each school year is different. Rookie teachers can easily relate when I say no training, internship or college course can fully prepare you for teaching. The following are tips I encourage all educators to review and apply if feeling a little overwhelmed.

1.    Do not be afraid to ask questions! Asking questions is difficult, especially when you are new to the district, school, or even team. I encourage you to be bold and ask your questions. This will further your knowledge in education and most likely, you will have the answer for when the next “newbie” joins and asks the same question.

2.    Seek a mentor! Find someone within your district, school, or team to be your mentor. Most schools and districts assign new teachers a mentor, but if not, then simply ask your administration for one. A mentor is a lifesaver! Be sure to thank your mentor often. It is difficult for them to put aside their work to help you. I made small goodies for my mentor along with many thank you notes throughout the school year. They need to feel appreciated, just like you do!

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Time is precious inside and outside of the classroom. There are tons of blogs and websites with educational freebies. Ask your school if they support websites such as;

 These websites are great for students and can save you a lot of time when it comes to planning lessons. Below are websites I found useful during my first year of teaching. Simply search, print and teach!

  • The key to finding freebies on pinterest is to search under pintables. For example, if you search “math pintables,” you will find tons of free lessons and worksheets.

What advice to you have for rookie teachers?






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