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First They Came For “CRT,” Now They’re After “Gender Ideology”

Have you signed up for The Educator’s Room Daily Newsletter? Click here and support independent journalism! Christopher Rufo, the man primarily responsible for leading the conservative attack on antiracist education, is now coming for gender equity. On Wednesday, he published Sexual Liberation in Public Schools, the first in a new “investigative” series on gender. It focuses […]

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The Missing Link in Culturally Diverse, Anti-Racist Work is Paid Collaboration

We have heard so much about the need for a culturally diverse, anti-racist curriculum, but the question is, are you willing to pay teachers for their time and energy in writing and implementing it?  There are many teachers out there who have seen enough seminars and been to enough conferences to have been inspired to […]

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Stop Asian Hate Now: Using the Injustice Against Asian-Americans as a Teaching Movement

Eight dead Americans… yet, again. Six Asian women…someone’s grandmother, mother, aunt, sister. As a Black Female Educator, I found myself remembering stories of Asian hate at my own school. The young female Chinese teacher who had Asian hate speech angrily etched into a desk. The new female Mandarin teacher being Zoom bombed, having to endure […]

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Do the Work: A Conversation Around Anti-Racist Teaching in K-12 Schools

Next week, join The Educator’s Room with Founder Franchesca Warren to discuss issues in education and America’s history of systemic racism and how schools perpetuate it. In “Do the Work: A Conversation Around Anti-Racist Teaching In K-12 Schools” a one-night town hall that begins Friday, June 19, Warren will talk with black teachers, activists, thought leaders, and more about this […]