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4 Ways This Teacher Is Thankful

Teachers are constantly pushing.  Pushing students to write better.  Pushing them to read more challenging materials.  Pushing them to make better arguments.  Pushing them to practice their music.  Then, when students master the task at hand, teachers find something else to improve.  It’s implicit in the job. This constant drive to grow and be better […]

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A Teacher’s Gratitude

I am a teacher. I give thanks for dry erase markers that work and pre-sharpened pencils, for chocolate and caffeine. I meet canceled meetings, bathroom breaks and snow days with gratitude and I am thankful for forgotten fidget spinners and silly bands that’ve come and gone, thankful for completed paperwork, planned fire drills, and a […]

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A Teacher’s Thanks

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I wish we could have had a few more days, goodness knows we all could have used them, but I am happy to get back to my students. I have missed them. Life has been a tad quiet without them. We are coming to the end of the year and […]