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Initiative Overload: A Teacher’s Harsh Reality

“What do you do, as teachers, to take care of your students?” Hands went up throughout the room. My colleagues and I, at the school where I have been teaching for the past 15 years, were attending a CPI session on non-violent crisis prevention and intervention. After a brief discussion, the session coach then asked, [...]

The Dilution of Gifted Programs

by Guest Writer: Kelly Ann Guglietti Elementary school gifted programs are being diluted. Our society values those students excelling in math and science to lead our country’s future in biological sciences, environmental sciences, medicine and law to name a few disciplines. But why are school systems being allowed to water down gifted programs due to [...]

Teaching Creativity: Simplicity and Decision-Making

By: Aimee Cribbs There was a Christmas that Santa filled my daughter’s stocking with masking tape because my little girl was not interested in the season’s hottest toys, but making things out of the boxes they came in.  As an art educator in retrospect, I realize how this unsophisticated Christmas contributed to my now-teenage daughter’s [...]

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