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Navigating Your Administration: Five Tips From a Teacher's Perspective

By |2016-11-01T14:38:07-04:00February 1st, 2013|Featured, Uncategorized|

To the frustrated, tired, spread-too-thin public (and private) school teacher, communicating with and understanding the dynamics of your administrative team--or your single administrator--can be one of the most difficult parts of the job, even in a best-case scenario. I have worked for excellent administrators and those that... weren't as easy to work with. I will not seek [...]

Betsy DeVos Resigns: Most Teachers Say Good Riddance

By |2021-01-08T01:11:23-05:00January 8th, 2021|Current Events in Education|

In the wake of the domestic terrorism by Trump supporters, Betsy DeVos was the second Cabinet from the Trump administration who has resigned. In her resignation letter sent on Thursday, she directly pointed to President Donald Trump for flaming the seeds of tension as his supporters stormed the nation's capital. In her statement released to [...]

Is Miguel Cardona The Anti-Betsy DeVos?

By |2020-12-23T21:00:13-05:00December 23rd, 2020|Current Events in Education, From the Front Lines|

Miguel Cardona, Commissioner of Education for the State of Connecticut and President-elect Biden’s nomination for Secretary of Education, in many ways, is the polar opposite of current Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. Unlike Devos, Cardona actually attended public schools; including a technical high school. He obtained his degrees (BA, MA, EdD) from state universities in [...]

Principals are Hanging on by a Thread

By |2020-12-07T17:11:10-05:00December 7th, 2020|COVID-19, Principals' Corner, Teacher Burnout, Teacher Self Care|

Principals and assistant principals are hanging by a thread. A thread that keeps getting pulled and pulled until it eventually snaps.  Not many people ask the school administrators, "How are you?" Many will tell you they are not doing well mentally or emotionally. The toll of trying to navigate the continually changing world during COVID19 [...]

A Student in my Class Has COVID, Now What? 

By |2020-12-04T22:16:06-05:00December 5th, 2020|Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19, Current Events in Education|

Like most teachers, I had been managing to keep a level head regardless of the immense pressure I am under in today’s classroom climate. Doing my best to provide quality virtual, hybrid instruction; remain positive and upbeat for my students; and having an overall optimistic demeanor in the face of a deadly pandemic.  So naturally, [...]

Mentoring: It’s Time To Rethink Para-Educators

By |2020-11-16T13:02:16-05:00November 16th, 2020|Ask a Teacher, Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19|

Mentoring. Recently,  several articles have appeared suggested mentoring may be a way to help with the academic loss that educators are calling the “covid slide”. That’s abuzz too, and for good reason. But I’m just as concerned, if not more so, about Natasha, who even in class is so incredibly shy that she can barely [...]

Whichever Way You Cut It School in 2020 is Hard

By |2020-11-11T23:18:34-05:00November 12th, 2020|Back to School, COVID-19, Current Events in Education, Principals' Corner|

Guest Writer: Dr. Noor Ali, Principal, Al-Hamra Academy Fall 2020 school reopening has been a tricky, tricky business. It has been a time of untold stress and unfathomable planning. It has required flexing of all our known boundaries and delving into the great uncertainty that only a pandemic could unleash. From is this really a health [...]

Results of the Election: What’s Next for Educators?

By |2020-11-11T01:27:27-05:00November 11th, 2020|Current Events in Education, How to Fix Education|

A week after the election, we have a much better grasp of what is to come in two short months. Joe Biden was declared the President-elect over the weekend, bringing many solace and others concern. Over the weekend, President-elect Joe Biden’s website was updated to include information on the transition that will take place in [...]

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