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Classroom Culture and Student Self-esteem: Four Strategies for Next Year

Aaah, May. The time of year when many of us look at our students with a sigh of “what could I have done better?” At my school, we have only five class meetings left, and while I am doing the best I can with the time we have, I have found myself focusing on how [...]

Shakespeare Doesn’t Have to be Scary! Six Tips to Help you Start Teaching Shakespeare and be Glad You Did!

In my first year of teaching, I wanted to teach a Shakespeare play, but was completely intimidated by where to start. I befriended the most veteran member of our English department, an actress, director and drama teacher, who gave me fantastic tips and assured me that I would love it and that students would, too. [...]

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Navigating Your Administration: Five Tips From a Teacher's Perspective

To the frustrated, tired, spread-too-thin public (and private) school teacher, communicating with and understanding the dynamics of your administrative team--or your single administrator--can be one of the most difficult parts of the job, even in a best-case scenario. I have worked for excellent administrators and those that... weren't as easy to work with. I will not seek [...]

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Classroom Management: Ten Tips for New Teachers

The following article is from the "New Teacher Bootcamp" archives from the site. Each article is meant to not only empower new teachers but to let them know they are not alone in their struggles. Join us each week for new articles dealing with everything a new teacher would want to know.  1. Don’t be [...]

Creating Lovers of Reading: Tips for Using a Self-Selected Reading System in Your Classroom

Students come to us with reading levels all over the spectrum. As a new teacher, one of the biggest challenges in my heterogeneous classes was assigning and monitoring their reading. While challenging students with complex texts is not only important but required, it is still essential that our students read and read and read even [...]