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“SHOCKING STUDY: 40% of Modern Men & Women Are Unhappy. Here’s How Teachers Can Help”

Western men and women aren’t very happy with their lives. In fact, four out of ten adults regret the lives they have lived thus far. I’ll admit, I typically read these research papers and polling surveys with pronounced skepticism. Modern westerners often possess a hypochondriac disposition, forever focusing on what is lacking in life instead […]

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Three Life Lessons for Young Americans on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 86th Birthday

Happy 86th Birthday to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg stands at the intersection of American culture because of the power of her journey, the enormity of her achievements, and the undeniably quintessential American character she exudes. However, pop culture often rides the fast lane towards trivialization.   She has become, of course, […]