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About Christina Gil

Christina Gil was a high-school English teacher for sixteen years, but she recently left the classroom to follow a dream and move with her family to an ecovillage in rural Missouri. She believes that teaching creative writing helps students excel on standardized tests, that deeply analyzing and unpacking a poemis a fabulous way to spend an hour or so, and that Shakespeare is always better with sound effects. When she is not hauling water to her tiny home, she can be found homeschooling her two kids or meeting with her neighbors about the best way to run their village.

I Remember When Teachers Were Allowed to Teach Their Passions

There are few things that I enjoy more than getting students to question, analyze, write about, discuss, and, ultimately, clarify their own views on complicated questions.  It reminds me of my own history teachers in high school and how they communicated their passions to us students.  In one class, we were supposed to study American history [...]

By Not Allowing Your Children to Fail You Are Making Their Brains Smaller

Dear Parent or Guardian: This letter is to inform you that your student will likely fail soon. They might not fail a class, or even a quiz or a homework assignment, but they will fail at something.  They will also make mistakes, get feedback on those mistakes, and then make some new mistakes. . In fact, [...]

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Why Poetry Is So Great for Teaching Growth Mindset

When she first studied students to learn about how a growth mindset can be instilled in people, Carol Dweck gave kids puzzles.  After successfully completing the somewhat easy puzzles, one group of kids was praised for their effort while the other was praised for their talent at puzzles or for being “good at puzzles.”  Thus [...]

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