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Teachers Who Won’t Be Silent Anymore: Ebony Murphy-Root

Bullying is a huge problem in our schools today. When a student is being bullied we, as teachers, encourage students to tell a trusted adult and it will be handled from there. In a perfect world, the responsible party would intervene, an agreement would be reached, and appropriate consequences will be issued. But what if [...]

The Ramblings of a Betrayed Teacher…Continued

In relationships, the balance of give and take is usually not 50-50. Sometimes you give your half and the other party doesn’t. Sometimes it’s the other way around. If you stay in a relationship with this imbalance, there is usually a reason; maybe not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless. With shame, I admit [...]

The State of Education in Tennessee: Chaos, Collective Bargaining for Teachers

This article is part of our new feature "State of Education" where we hear what is going on in each state around the country, from an educator in that state.  If you would like to write about your state, contact us at!   The state of education in Tennessee is chaotic, at best. We [...]

Can You Read This?

“I cn c y schls r against cell phones. Da lang that students use n wrtng is horrible. Im not sayin im 4 cell phones n schl, but im nt ready 2 say im against them. SMH at this argument. I ll TTYL abt phones n schls.”* How many teachers have seen something like this [...]

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