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About Sadie Hewitt

Sadie is an international educator with an M.Ed in TESOL currently working in Mexico. She is passionate about social emotional learning, literacy, and teaching her students to be good people.

I Can’t Get Ahold of My Students: Tools for Maintaining Relationships with Students During Distance Learning

Teachers around the world are missing their students. We miss being in the classroom and getting to connect with real students in real-time. Every district has its own plan for when they will return to classes and some are even going back sooner rather than later. But what do we do during this time to [...]

Opinion: Why Teachers Shouldn’t Write Curriculum

The word “curriculum,” as it pertains to education, can include everything from the materials used to teach our students to the planned learning experiences. If we think of the Common Core standards as the academic destination for our students (the “what” we want them to know and be able to do), our curriculum is the [...]

5 Tips for Navigating the International School Job Fair

Many teachers dream of leaving their home country to be an international teacher. It’s hard to blame them. The class sizes are often astronomically smaller, the pay is better (compared to the new country’s standard of living), and the benefits often include housing, airfare, more time off, and a chance to travel and learn a [...]

Three Changes to Make to Your Teacher Language This School Year

The way we speak to our students holds more power than we think. Our tone and word choice can either motivate our students or make them recoil in anger and frustration. The language we use can also be ineffective and won’t get us the desired results in our classroom. I realized I needed to work [...]

5 Things Teachers Don’t Want to Hear During Summer

The school year is exhausting. Teachers put so much effort into their day to day interactions with students, but also into their PLCs, curriculum, and interactions with administration and parents. When summer break finally rolls around, there are some things we simply do not want to hear until August. “You’re so lucky to ______” This [...]

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