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English in America: Is English Really our “Official” Language in Schools?

English, the "Official" American Language  Although the United States does not have an official language, everyone knows that English is the language of the land. Despite our history of multilingual immigrants who later became Americans, English has always been the "American language."  Our school system has reinforced this idea and has caused many challenges for [...]

From STEM, Let’s Pivot to the BRANCHES of the Humanities

There is no doubt that the neglect of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - better known as STEM in educational circles - has come at our own peril. Our students' achievement in mathematics is surely not where other Americans expect it to be, and the comfort of anyone saying "I hate math" is embarrassing. As [...]

The Value of Social Emotional Learning in High School

In a year of challenges, obstacles, and proving our own resilience, social-emotional learning in the classroom is more important than ever. Teachers are burned out by the never-ending changes being thrown their way, while every student is processing recent events in their own way. For some, this can become overwhelming or distracting. Moreover, students are [...]

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