0Name: Elizabeth F.
Alexandria City Public Schools (VA)
Years Teaching: 3-4 years
English/ Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences

Congratulations to Elizabeth F., our Stellar Educator of the Week! 

Elizabeth is a 5th Grade Dual Language teacher.  She was nominated by one of her peers, who believes she is well deserving of this recognition.  Here is what her colleague says about her:

Elizabeth is tasked with teaching in both English and in Spanish, which means often taking the daunting task of translating countless documents for her students into Spanish as those resources are not provided. In her short tenure as a teacher, she has demonstrated a clear passion for teaching and a dedication that rivals even the most experienced teacher. She is often the first to arrive and the last to live the school. Her parents, colleagues, and most importantly her students absolutely adore Ms. F.  Her willingness to learn inspires me!!

We always believe that a teacher who sets an example of being a learner is the best of our educators.  We are so grateful that there are teachers like Elizabeth, who go the extra mile to reach students in multiple languages and give them the access and opportunity to become successful.

Elizabeth, Congratulations and thank you!  We think YOU are a Stellar Educator!


Do you know a Stellar Educator in your building? If so, nominate them here. Every week a new educator is highlighted!


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