2015: A Year in Which an ELL Teacher Goes from “Failure” to “Success”

By Guest Writer Jennifer Healey This New Year’s Eve, I deserved an extra glass of champagne. I toasted myself for my success as an educator. After years of "failure," in 2015 I was deemed a “successful” teacher by the illustrious Oregon Department of Education. It all went by so fast! It seems like only yesterday I [...]

Advice For ESOL Teachers: Professional Development with "Speaking In Tongues"

  The 2009 documentary Speaking In Tongues is a fascinating look at three bilingual programs in the San Francisco area school system. The film itself depicts the effects of learning and losing language for a variety of families over several generations. Although the film is six years old, the issues it raises are definitely still [...]

Advice for New ESOL Teachers: Whose Holiday and Why?

The United States is growing ever more diverse in languages, religions and ethnicity and school districts are working (with varying levels of success) to adjust to their changing communities.  ESOL teachers are often in the position of go-between for their students and the larger culture, which can be a little awkward when the holidays come [...]