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Dana Dooley teaches high school AP Government, Government & Economics, and Yearbook near Sacramento, Calif. As a former journalist and graduate student, Dooley is a super policy nerd and fascinated with political theory. She's won some teacher awards, and she loves her students immensely as family.

Using your Mission Statement to Establish Classroom Routines

We all know that the best way to manage the classroom is to create a positive, structured environment. That’s an adorable concept -- but it is downright difficult to figure out what the heck that positive, structured environment ought to constitute. We learn a handful of suggestions in Teacher School; but in practice, these suggestions [...]

Why you need a Classroom Mission Statement

A mission statement. The best businesses use them to guide direction and lead to success. Our classrooms are definitely not businesses -- but I believe, like in business, that a classroom mission statement can lead us and our students toward a clear outcome, guided by a defined purpose. I’ve created a teaching philosophy before. I’ve [...]

Not My Secretary of Ed (Why the butt that Occupies the Federal Seat Matters to my Classroom)

  There is a difference between “government” and “politics.” The former regards the design of a specific seat in our system; what power is vested in it, and what checks balance that power. The latter regards what butt happens to occupy that seat at a specific time. The butts change, typically per Presidential administration, but [...]

CA politician discusses willful defiance, educational priorities

Author Dana Dooley with CA Assembly Member Dickinson Recently California Governor Jerry Brown signed in to law AB 420, which limits suspensions and expulsions due to willful defiance in K-12. Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with the bill’s author, State Assembly member Roger Dickinson, at the state capitol in [...]

Teacher-Saving Web Tools, Part I: Differentiate reading news with Newsela and Readability

Reading skills are critical to teach our students – but it’s such a stressor to find relevant, newsworthy materials that ALSO hit a variety of reading levels and ALSO are free of all the advertisements, sidebars, and distractions. I’ve spent (wasted) so much time adapting articles myself and copy-and-pasting them into Word docs so that [...]

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