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We Have Adapted: We Are Home

Ilan Weissman is a nonbinary multimedia artist, educational reformer, teacher, and TGNB (Transgender & Nonbinary) child advocate. For 19 years, Ilan has been a teacher at the Ella Baker School, a progressive school in Manhattan. She is a classically trained musician, a creative technologist, and presently a semifinalist, in the running for the FLAG Award for [...]

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Opinion: Prepare for the Mass Teacher Exodus in Georgia and Around the Country

What a year it has been. Last week made one full year since schools across the country moved to remote learning. As of a month ago, there were half a million lives lost in the nation due to COVID-19. There are many countless Facebook arguments about whether students should be in school. Parents are making [...]

Black Square Boxes: Affirming the Identity of Students During a Pandemic

Michele Lamons-Raiford is a hearing American Sign Language (ASL) teacher at Pinole Valley High School in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. She has been a High School teacher for the past nineteen years, previously teaching all levels of English, as well as an Adjunct English Instructor at Solano Community College for the past [...]

Abusing Teachers is Normal: Normal is the Problem

“When we get back to normal” is the attitude helping people see through the difficulty that has been the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Mental health” and “work-life balance” are the in-vogue phrases that are used to tell teachers to take care of themselves.  Meanwhile, the calls for coverage, bus duty, hall duty, team meetings, well-planned [...]

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