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Don’t Read the Comments: Digital Teacher Self Care

Everyone knows you don’t read the comments on Twitter. An adorable video of a dog skateboarding can instantly turn sour when unleashed on the internet. Facebook lets users publish a staggering amount of misinformation, which is especially frightening in a contentious election season. And every teacher knows that, like Yelp reviews, students only evaluate in [...]

Teachers Must Be Better Leaders! Less Planning and More Testing!

It’s three weeks into virtual teaching, and I’m already tired of the first unit on Economic Theory.  Being a few days behind coupled with the fact that the next unit on Personal Finance is far more exciting and interesting, I’m just going to give the unit 1 test on Economic Theory this week.  In the [...]

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Poker and Passion: An Education to Live For

“So, floating and bluffing are pretty much the same thing.”  My ears perked up in surprise that my wife was eavesdropping on world-renown poker player, Phil Ivey.  She continued, “You float to bluff and bluff to float.  Isn’t he talking in circles?” Although dumbfounded that my wife was listening while I watched Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, [...]

Was Someone Actually High When They Proposed The Hybrid Teaching Model?

The dark circles under my eyes have returned.   The fatigue is deep and familiar--it feels like January tired. And, today is only my third day of teaching in the hybrid model! My husband asked me how the first day went. I replied:  "It was not my best opening day."  On the first day, I taught sans [...]

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