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The Late Work Policy Debate in the Midst of COVID-19

In 1987,  my husband and I moved back to our hometown to care for my parents.  Long story short, my mom had cancer that kept showing up in different places and eventually she passed away a few weeks after scans revealed cancer had moved to her lungs.  I had also returned to school to finish [...]

A Canary in the Coal Mine: The Truth We Need to Remember Post-Pandemic About Virtual Schooling

Education these days feels a bit like science fiction, doesn’t it? When I think of my students and my own daughter learning virtually, I wonder if anyone else is remembering Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in The Matrix? If you aren’t much into the science fiction genre, just picture a man plugged into a computer while [...]

2020: Reflections of an Educator Working Through a Pandemic

I’m writing this article as I sit in my living room, on the cusp of a new year, thinking about what it means to be moving into a new chapter, a new milestone, etc. However, I spent the better part of my morning scrolling social media and I saw several people reflecting on the highlights [...]

Teachers: The Way Home Is Through Baghdad

That holiday break we recently finished was not a vacation. It was only a breath, a moment of pause in a pandemic. Sure, many of us rested but how many educators feel refreshed and ready to return?  This piece is not about toxic positivity. No one has the patience for phrases like, "You got this!" or "We [...]

Weigh in on Cardona? Better to Weigh in on Connecticut

When President-Elect Biden announced his choice for a new secretary for education, a comment was left on the Educator’s Room blog: “Anyone from Connecticut want to weigh in?” Well, I am an educator in Connecticut, but I think weighing in on the nominee Miguel Cardona is premature. Cardona, the Connecticut Commissioner of Education, was appointed [...]

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