International Mother Language Day-February 21st

By the time you read this article, International Mother Language Day may have or may not have already come and gone, but in case you didn't even realize it was a day to celebrate, let me enlighten you! Mother languages in a multilingual approach are essential components of quality education, which is itself the foundation for empowering women [...]

2015: A Year in Which an ELL Teacher Goes from “Failure” to “Success”

By Guest Writer Jennifer Healey This New Year’s Eve, I deserved an extra glass of champagne. I toasted myself for my success as an educator. After years of "failure," in 2015 I was deemed a “successful” teacher by the illustrious Oregon Department of Education. It all went by so fast! It seems like only yesterday I [...]

The Four Benefits of Bilingual Education

Language is a subject matter of much controversy in our country. Are you "American" if you speak another language? Well, many of our students come from homes where the parents do not speak English, so regardless of whether or not you think all Americans should speak English, the fact remains that we are a country [...]

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Advice For ESOL Teachers: Professional Development with "Speaking In Tongues"

  The 2009 documentary Speaking In Tongues is a fascinating look at three bilingual programs in the San Francisco area school system. The film itself depicts the effects of learning and losing language for a variety of families over several generations. Although the film is six years old, the issues it raises are definitely still [...]

The Real Benefits of Action Research

This past semester, as part of a graduate course for a new certification, I did an action research project with some of my second graders. Action research is basically the process of a teacher taking on the role of "researcher" in her or his own classroom with a specific goal in mind. The idea is [...]