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A high school science teacher, Sarah Sorge has taught in private, charter, and public schools in grades 7-12. Her areas of interest include neuroscience, education, and problem-based science instruction. Recently, Sarah was awarded the distinction of New York State Master Teacher.

Science Under Fire: A Day After the March for Science

In the morning hours of April 22, 2017—Earth Day—scientists, teachers, students, concerned citizens, and activists gathered in Washington D.C. to show their support for a single subject: science. There were no shouts for NGSS, no calls against Common Core, no jeering at climate change. Instead, all who gathered for the March for Science were attempting [...]

A 9-year old Student Speaks Truth to Power About the Chicago School Closings

Asean Johnson, Age 9, defending his Chicago school In an historic, unprecedented move, the third largest school district in the United States has experienced an impressively harsh blow to its students, teachers, and parents: the Chicago Board of Education has decided to shut down a staggering 50 public schools. This move will affect [...]

The Charismatic Teacher

How many of us can be considered "charismatic?" Are you the sort of person from whom others derive strength? As teachers, we are often faced with instances where we are asked to be the wellspring of inspiration, drive, and positive attitudes for others. One of the discussions at the Learning and the Brain Symposium at [...]

What is Brain-Based Learning Anyway?

The latest and greatest buzzword around education in recent years is the concept of brain-based learning strategies. Many teachers believe, "I give knowledge…what else would I be teaching if not the brain?" A little background information may clear up any misconceptions about this learning pattern and how we can impart it in our classrooms for [...]

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The Bullied Teacher

Bullying has received increased attention in the past few years.  Administrations have placed harder and clearer rules against student bullying, clubs and organizations have formed in schools to address bullying, and legal actions have taken place against students who have bullied other students to the point of self-harm.  Bullying, as we well know, can take [...]

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