Supplemental Education and the New SAT: Part I

There are many pathways beyond the traditional classroom for educators to use their expertise to help students. In our modern education environment, students learn invaluable lessons from their classroom teachers, but they must also learn to navigate the world of standardized testing. Especially if high school students plan to pursue post-secondary education, the classroom is not [...]

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Inspirational Educator: Joshua Katz, TEDx Talks' "Toxic Testing Terminator"

Every plaguing problem needs a caped crusader. When it comes to the burdensome culture of standardized assessment, teachers have found one in Joshua Katz (@jakatz87), the “Toxic Testing Terminator.” It’s been about one year since Katz delivered his TEDx Talk on “The Toxic Culture of Education.” In between then and now he’s run for political [...]

Inspirational Educator – Fran Warren, Founder & CEO of The Educator's Room

The Educator's Room Founder & CEO, Fran Warren We'd like to introduce you to Fran Warren, Founder and CEO of The Educator's Room. What was once a small blog has continually blossomed and grown, becoming a true voice for education and educators around the United States and world. Fran is a great leader, [...]

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