Making STEM Matter in Schools

I just got back from a fascinating conference about the state of STEM in U.S. schools, sponsored by U.S. News and World Report. I was compelled by the idea of making STEM matter in schools; as a middle school teacher, I know this is the prime time to hook kids into STEM. This is the [...]

The State of STEM in U.S. Schools

I just got back from an exciting conference about the state of STEM in U.S. schools, sponsored by U.S. News and World Report! As an AVID teacher and coordinator, I was invited to San Diego to learn more about how to include STEM into AVID's college and career readiness program. STEM is an acronym representing [...]

150 Articles Later: A Reflection on My Time at The Educator’s Room

In October 2012, my local newspaper published "Exhaustion of the American Teacher" by John Kuhn. I remember reading the article once. Twice. Four-hundred times. It simply spoke every frustrated, burnt out end of my professional being. If you haven't read it yet, please stop reading this article and go there. So, like any curious reader, [...]

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Stories of a New Administrator

A little over a year ago I took over as the Director of the small, private school I taught at for six years and attended as a small child.  Need it be said that I was thrilled?  My staff taught by my side for several years and brainstormed with me for nearly a year.  I [...]

Rural Schools Journal- Entry 2

Mr. McConnell’s Rural Schools Journal Entry 2 (7/14/2016): A look from inside the school My first “Rural Schools” journal entry described a slice of our country- America and how the last few decades have impacted that quaint little world. It ain’t quite Walton’s Mountain, but it might be the closest thing you’re going to find [...]

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