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Jessica has taught Language Arts in Portland, Oregon for the past eleven years.

There are Kinder Ways: Engaging Hesitant Students Pt. 2

Last Saturday, I watched my eight-year-old daughter melt into a weeping pile of helplessness. It was her baptism. My husband’s side of the family is Catholic, and a few months back, she expressed a desire to be baptized. Even though I am not Catholic, I supported her decision, and we put the wheels in motion. [...]

There Are Kinder Ways: Engaging Hesitant Students

Every now and again we have class periods that make us happy. The fun ones, during which everyone is engaged in the lesson, the room is filled with an infectious energy, and at the end you are sure that everyone, or at least nearly everyone, got the point. I had one of these classes recently. [...]

Teacher Burnout: A Series of Fresh Starts

I hate finals. There. I said it. I really and truly hate finals. I’m pretty sure it’s my least favorite time as a teacher. Two weeks before the end of each semester, all real teaching stops, and students move into review, prep and panic mode. They stress over facts not mentioned since September and scramble [...]

Adventures in Going Paperless: Making Assumptions about Digital Literacy

I am an immigrant—digitally speaking. Like many born in the late 70’s, I have fond(ish) memories of hovering over my Brother WP 1400D, busting out a 14 page essay due the next day. I used card catalogs, bound journals, and microfiche for my research. I didn’t even have an email account until college, much less [...]

Adventures in Going Paperless: Step Two, Navigating Digital Feedback

After realizing my endless stacks of grading were threatening to swallow my sanity, I took the leap into embracing technology. However, what I found initially was that while stacks were fewer and my desk cleaner, my anxiety levels were not lower. In my quest for a new organizational system, I moved to using for [...]

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