Name: Jeannine J.

School: Walpole, MA

Years Teaching: 10+ years

Specialty: English/ Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences


Congratulations to Jeannine J., our Stellar Educator of the Week! 

Jeannine is a Kindergarten Teacher.  She was nominated by one of her peers, and we agree that Jeannine is an amazing educator!  Here is what her colleague says about her:

Mrs. Jeannine J. is fabulous! She is a kindergarten teacher in every way…caring, compassionate, fun, energetic, organized, and so much more. In addition to being an incredible kindergarten teacher, she is also a lifelong learner.  As a more tech savvy colleague, I have seen her go from not owning a cell phone (just a year or so ago) to being excited about using iPads, interactive white boards, computer websites, and the document camera with her kindergarteners.

While other teachers claim their older kids CAN’T do some of these things, Mrs. J has shown them that even the youngest students CAN because she believed they could! She’s learning alongside of them and letting them explore and discover, imagine, create, and encouraging them to believe in themselves. She is extraordinary. I think her students would agree! Who could ask for more?

Jeannine is just the kind of educator we are excited to honor – not only an amazing teacher, but a learner and innovator!   We also think it’s awesome that there are kindergarteners being so well prepared for their academic lives by Jeannine!

Jeannine, Congratulations and thank you!  We think YOU are a Stellar Educator!


Do you know a Stellar Educator in your building? If so, nominate them here. Every week a new educator is highlighted!

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