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  • Why the “New” Math?

    on Mar 26, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics • with Comments

    Teaching reading(3)

    The public in general, and parents specifically, have been asking why current teachers are using such different methods to teach math. The comment most often heard goes something like this – “Why can’t teachers just teach math the way we learned math?” There are some very good reasons why the teaching of math has to change. When I entered elementary school in the late 1950’s, most well paying jobs were in factories. Part of the job of schools was to teach students to conform, do basic arithmetic, learn to read well enough to follow directions,

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  • Tips for Parents: Change Your Math

    on Mar 24, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics, Parents • with Comments


    I love math!  In high school, however, I remember we were asked to show ALL work.  There were things I was just doing in my mind that I had never been asked to break down or explain.  This was a difficult task, but it made me push myself to understand the process.  No longer was I memorizing a procedure and going through the motions, now I was applying learning and explaining my thinking.  It sucked! I spent the first 12 years of my teaching career in kindergarten and first grade.  The math skills we covered got

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  • Tips for Parents: Conquering Common Core Math: 8 Tips to Use at Home

    on Mar 24, 15 • in Common Core, Featured, Mathematics, Special Education • with Comments


    I teach students who fall far below grade level in math and parents tell me all the time how impossible Common Core Math concepts are. They don’t even get it, so how can they help their children? But math itself doesn’t change–the way we look at it does. If you want to help your children with math, you might find the answer more simple than you think. 8 Tips for Conquering Common Core Math at Home Ask your child what he or she learned every day and ask for an example. If your child has trouble

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  • Celebrate Super Pi Day!

    on Mar 14, 15 • in Mathematics, Science • with Comments


    Saturday, March 14, 2015 is Super Pi Day, a once in 100 year event. Why Super Pi? Most people think of the mathematical Pi as 3.14 because that is what we use in mathematical calculations. Therefore March 14 is referred to as Pi day. This year there are two times during the day where a longer sequence of Pi can be seen. Using the numbers of the date as well as specific times of the day we will see 3.141592653 (3/14/15:9:26:53). Many schools plan classroom activities for Pi Day and since this particular one is

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  • The Algebra Walk

    on Mar 3, 15 • in Instructional Strategies, Mathematics, Policy • with Comments


    The understanding of algebra is one of the keys to succeeding in higher level math courses. For this reason we must find a way to help more students become competent in algebra. I have mentioned in previous articles that I taught algebra to 8th graders in an urban middle school. I repeat it here so that you understand how well the activity I am describing helped my students easily grasp the graphing of lines and parabolas on the coordinate plane. The Algebra Walk is a true gem of an activity. Prior to the algebra walk

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