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  • Math Teachers: Thinking Outside the Algorithm

    on Sep 28, 15 • in Featured, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics, Middle School • with Comments

    Tips for choosing a novel to study-2

      Middle School math can be frustrating and challenging, especially when the teacher feels that in addition to reaching their own learning milestones, they must backfill the deficits students have when they enter the classroom.  As an educator I have always believed that part of my job was to take my students as far as possible during the year that they spent with me. When teaching math to eighth graders you know that when they leave you they are going on to high school where they will meet many challenges. This is especially true in

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  • Word Walls In Math? But, Why?

    on Sep 18, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics • with Comments


    When I told my students that we would have a word wall in our class, they looked puzzled. “A word wall?” “I never heard of having a word wall in math class before.” “Huh?” I pointed their attention to the words we had already gone over and said that the wall would grow throughout the year. But why have a math word wall? It’s not just to check off the literacy standard on your teacher evaluation. The value of the word wall and of studying vocabulary in general as a part of your mathematics instruction

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  • Helping With Middle School Math Homework

    on Aug 11, 15 • in Featured, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Mathematics, Middle School • with Comments

    Copy of Why july is the best month to be a teach-3

    This article is for both parents and teachers who deal with middle school students. In recent years there has been a great amount of change in how math is taught in school. My 30 years of teaching middle school math has shown me that these years are very important for students to have and feel successful in math. With a firm working foundation in math at the end of middle school there is a much higher chance that students will make it past algebra in high school. This is important in our changing world as more and more

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  • 7 Awesome Math Bulletin Board Ideas

    on Aug 6, 15 • in Featured, High School, Instructional Strategies, Mathematics • with Comments


    Before the school year starts, you want your classroom decorated and neatly put together in preparation for orientations, open houses, and parent meet-and-greets. You may have your go-to ideas that you use from year-to-year or you may want some different ideas. If you’re a first-year teacher or just started teaching a new subject, coming with ideas might seem challenging. I started looking for math bulletin board ideas and here’s what I’ve found! Math About Us: Get the students to fill out a worksheet about themselves where they must use math equations for their fellow students to figure

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  • Make Leading Productive Math Discussions a Cinch!

    on Jul 30, 15 • in Featured, Instructional Strategies, Mathematics • with Comments

    Copy of Why july is the best month to be a teach-2

    Can you remember a time when you asked a question during math class, intending to start a productive math discussion on a topic you went over as a class, and noticed that you only saw the hands of your frequent contributors? What do you do when only 15% of your class actually contributes to the learning environment? You come up with a different method of communicating as a class! When Stenhouse Publishers offered me a copy of their book, Intentional Talk: How to Structure and Lead Productive Mathematical Discussions, so that I could review it

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