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The Anti-Equality Movement

Illustration by Deja Hsu, courtesy of The Pacific Standard magazine When I look at the oeuvre of a proponent of modern school reform orthodoxies like Eric Hanushek, I'm struck by the disturbing fact that much if not most of his research and rhetoric pretty plainly advance an America that is more, rather than [...]

Let the Nurturers Nurture

There were some amazing stories of human courage and compassion that came out of the horrors in Newtown, Connecticut. Teacher Vicki Soto gave her precious young life to protect her tiny first graders. Shielding them from harm was her first instinct and her last act. In the face of terror unimaginable, her instinct to [...]

Data-Driven Politics

One of the driving forces behind the advancement of bubble-test tyranny in our school systems today is the concept of data-driven decision-making. Back before we tested every student in every subject on almost every day of the year, cigar-chomping school administrators just pulled decisions out of their backsides and hoped they worked. They threw [...]

Unreason on the Throne of American Thought

Conspiracy theories have long enjoyed a quirky place in American public life. We’ve questioned whether there was a second shooter when President Kennedy was assassinated, whether the moon landing actually happened, whether Elvis really died, and whether 9-11 was an inside job. Conspiracy theorists alleging UFO cover-ups have been with us for years. Alternatives to the [...]

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Inexcusable Sympathies

There was a time when standing up for public school teachers in the United States was not merely acceptable behavior, it was actually the cultural norm. We gave our teachers accolades in the public arena, hoping that our efforts at demonstrating our united esteem might somehow make up for the low pay we afforded [...]