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Teaching a New Generation: Changing the World in a Changing World

Almost everyone I know hated 2016. It was the year that equally ticked off the populace. When the New Year’s Ball dropped, America collectively sighed with relief; we were ready for a new beginning. Resolutions in hand, January 1st arrived… and not a damn thing is changing. Sure, the New Year’s placebo effect hasn’t completely [...]

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Rebels with a Clue: How Teenagers Give Respect to those that Earn it

By now most of us have seen the video(s) of Officer Ben Fields aggressively removing a student from a classroom at Spring Valley High School. Most likely, if you are like me, you've  read 100 articles on the incident and perhaps even voiced your opinion through various social media outlets. As I read people's responses [...]

The Difference between Character Education and Indoctrination

Since the beginning of the educational system begun by Plato’s Academy, the importance of instilling virtue was an understood and mandatory task of the teacher. In the past century, however, with the rise of technology and the ever increasing amount of knowledge at the resource of education the role of Character Education has lost its important [...]

The Troubling Timing of the Tenure Debate

Though Presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker announced a little more than two weeks ago he would be suspending his presidential campaign, two of his political policies became subjects of national attention. The first was building a wall on the US/Canadian Border, considered ridiculous even by his GOP counterparts; the second, a legislative attack on the [...]

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