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Be a Teacher Who Votes

Have you signed up for The Educator’s Room Daily Newsletter? Click here and support independent journalism! I recently learned a new statistic that deeply surprised me: In the past three midterm elections, 33% of the teachers in my state’s union did not vote. Although this generally matches or beats the state-wide voter turnout trends – 64% of […]

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Can Sports Heal a Segregated School?

The Educator’s Room Reviews WNYC’s “Keeping Score” Podcast Have you signed up for The Educator’s Room Daily Newsletter? Click here and support independent journalism! Keeping Score is a brand new 4-part series from WNYC Studios and The Bell. The series follows the real students of one Brooklyn high school building that houses four separate schools and […]

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[Opinion] School Choice is More Than Just Choosing a School

Meran Khon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spring Arbor University and a Master of Education in Middle-Level Education degree from Walden University. She taught seventh-grade language arts and a third-grade self-contained classroom before reinventing the library and computer lab into a twenty-first-century Learning Lab/Maker Space, where she currently teaches K-5 students. By Meran […]

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The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission’s Voucher Scheme

“The Commission recommends that states help families return to work with access to K–12 education by making existing education funding student-centered and portable.” “Hell, yes!”  You can hear parents across the country yell upon reading the quote above, taken from The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission recommendation for k-12 education. For many American parents, this extended experiment […]

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The Great American School Shuffle

I am a bit of an eavesdropper. When I hear the word school uttered in a conversation near me, I perk up. Like a prairie dog popping out of its hole, my neck lengthens, and I turn my head towards the speaker.   My nosey nature concerning talk of education has led me to two observations:   A majority […]

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OPINION: What if Betsy DeVos is not wrong about everything? The case for more choices in K-12 education.

The U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, and I do not see the world the same way.  She is interested in privatizing education to support an agenda where parents can use public monies to attend private (mostly religious, mostly Christian) schools.  DeVos and her allies have supported charter schools, which have diverted much-needed resources from public […]

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Cory Booker Is No Friend Of Public Education

The field of Democratic presidential candidates is wide open. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Cory Booker, and Senator Kamala Harris have all dipped their toes in the chilly water that is the 2020 election. Choices are usually positive in most things, except when it comes to school choice.  Of all the politicians mentioned above, Cory […]