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International Mother Language Day-February 21st

By the time you read this article, International Mother Language Day may have or may not have already come and gone, but in case you didn't even realize it was a day to celebrate, let me enlighten you! Mother languages in a multilingual approach are essential components of quality education, which is itself the foundation for empowering women [...]

Four Reasons Why I'm In Love With Chromebooks In The Classroom

I cannot deny it any longer - I'm in love with Chromebooks. Chromebooks have transformed my teaching. All those times in the last 25 years when I used to say, "Well, that would be easy if I had a class set of computers" has turned into my reality. Chromebooks have become a wonderful tool for [...]

Diaries of an English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan: Christmas is Love in Action

  During the writing workshop that I facilitated last Friday, a participant shared with me that she’d almost committed suicide, but that one of her best friends had helped her out of depression to find happiness. To this day, Macy (name given to protect her identity) is determined to become a social worker, so that [...]

My Experience with TNCore – the Tennessee State Standards

Tennessee’s State Department of Education adopted standards labeled TNCore, modeled after the controversial Common Core. As an English and Language Arts (ELA) teacher of nine years, I would like to share my experiences with these standards at the high school level. Common Core (CC) was created with good intentions. Its creators wanted to ensure that [...]

For The Love Of Latin: Promising Apps for Latin Teachers In and Out of the Classroom

I have not taught Latin for three years so when I was asked one week before the start of this school year to add Latin to my full load of high school Literature classes I felt a bit overwhelmed. In addition, I was told the class consisted of middle school students whose abilities ranged from [...]

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