International Mother Language Day-February 21st

By the time you read this article, International Mother Language Day may have or may not have already come and gone, but in case you didn't even realize it was a day to celebrate, let me enlighten you! Mother languages in a multilingual approach are essential components of quality education, which is itself the foundation for empowering women [...]

Taiwan English Teaching Assistant: Things I Learned in My First Five Months of Teaching

from Kinmen, Taiwan It is almost time for us to go on our 2 ½ week vacation for Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) and I wanted to share some things I learned in my first few months of teaching English in Taiwan. Think inside the box- In my first month of teaching I felt pressured to [...]

Diaries of an English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan: Christmas is Love in Action

  During the writing workshop that I facilitated last Friday, a participant shared with me that she’d almost committed suicide, but that one of her best friends had helped her out of depression to find happiness. To this day, Macy (name given to protect her identity) is determined to become a social worker, so that [...]

Precision is the Key: My Experiences as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Taiwan

  At JinNing Elementary School, there are no custodians. I arrive on my bike each morning around 8:15 to find students, from pre-school to sixth grade carrying out their daily morning cleaning chores, frolicking throughout the school yard raking leaves, mopping floors, or collecting trash. It’s funny to see the students playing in the sudsy [...]

What Makes a Good Lesson? The Beauty of Absence

Staff Writer: By Melissa Kandido What makes a good lesson? A plan. Yes, of course. But even with the plan, we know there might be issues that arise that keep our plan from being executed ‘just so.’ We have to be open to technology mishaps, schedule hiccups, etc. So the plan is just a base [...]