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Could Mindfulness Help Heal Our Schools?

Have you signed up for The Educator’s Room Daily Newsletter? Click here and support independent journalism! Educators across the country have found themselves in a turbulent climate. Amid a pandemic, teachers are trying to help students relearn how to regulate their emotions. They’re trying to help them interact productively within society while facing sub shortages, […]

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The Teacher Triangle: Mindful Balance

It was Welcome Week my first year of college. The student orientation leader shared the “College Triangle” with the group of bug-eyed freshmen before leading us to a campus-sponsored comedy event. The “College Triangle” is a popular analogy used to prepare students for the sacrifices and decisions they will face when working to balance college […]

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Mindfulness in the Math Classroom: Why it Matters and How to do It

Teaching and learning both create stress in students and teachers, especially as learning becomes more high-stakes for everyone. However, through mindfulness activities, teachers and students can become more productive in the process. It helps control emotions, maintain focus, and increase productivity. When emotions run high, you’re going to want to practice these mindfulness techniques in […]

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Surviving Teacher Depression

I think I have it figured out!  After 22 years of listening to teachers discuss their depression, I just had to ask myself, “Why do teachers suffer from SO much depression?”  Every year, teachers by the thousands report symptoms of depression or anxiety.  I’ve expressed this many times myself.  While clinical depression is caused by […]